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Zhoe Red Phone Double Combs Item #10131

Zhoe Red Phone Double Combs Item #10131


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Zhoe Red Phone Double Combs Item #10131
  • Innovative Design is great for all types of hair- Short/Long, Thick/Thin, Straight or Curly.
  • Keeps hair off your neck and pulled back into a secure position.
  • So comfortable you can wear them all-day long!
  • Masterfully Handmade.
  • Can also be twisted for a butterfly or bow look.
  • Use For: Up Do's, French twists, Half Up, Ponytails, You Create Your Own Hair Do!
  • It's comfortable, snug and easy to use. Keeps hair in place until you remove it.
  • Step 2: Slide one side of the comb into place from behind the ear and STRETCH the second comb across to the opposite side and slide into hair.
  • Step 1: Gather hair into the style you prefer and hold into place.
  • Quick, Casual and Elegant styles great for the office, around the house, exercising, or an extravagant wedding!
  • A Unique Hair Accessory Sure To Fit Anyone's Lifestyle!

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