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Andis Multi Trim 13780

Andis Multi Trim 13780


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Andis Multi Trim 13780
  • Closer cut comb for shorter hair lengths.
  • Longer cut comb for longer hair lengths.
  • Foil shaver for ultra-close shaving and touch-ups.
  • Nose and ear blade for close but safe trimming.
  • Detail blade for edging and outlining beard and mustaches.
  • Use with or without attachment combs.
  • Ceramic trimmer blade stays sharper longer and remains up to 75% cooler than steel blades.
  • 10 Piece Rechargeable Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit.
  • Cordless rechargeable trimmer allows for easy mobility without cords.
  • Trimmer perfect for detailing, stubble look, long beard styles and close touch-ups.

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