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Hair ConditionersHair conditioners fortify and enhance the texture of the hair. A hair conditioner moisturizes the hair and acts in the same way a skin moisturizer does by preventing the hair from damage caused due to pollutants and ultraviolet rays.

History And Background Of Hair Conditioner:

Natural oils were used since the ancient times to condition the hair. These hair oils were mainly the jojoba oil, macassar oil and tea tree oil. The macassar oil was an admired hair care product during the late Victorian period.

The present hair conditioner was invented in the late 19th century when a renowned perfumer named Ed. Pinaud came up with a product he referred to as ‘brilliantine’. He first showcased this product in Paris at the 1900 Exposition Universelle. His hair care product was aimed at the male population. It was meant to soften their hair, mustaches and beard.

Since that time, the science of hair has improved the hair conditioner products to incorporate ingredients such as fatty alcohols, silicone and other compounds. These chemical substances offered the all the benefits of a hair conditioner, depriving it of the greasiness and heaviness associated with the earlier versions of conditioners.

Steps To Apply Hair Conditioners:

Pour sufficient amount of conditioner on your palm. Rub the palms together to spread the conditioner on your palms. Gently apply it on your hair by using your palms, sliding from ends to roots. You need not apply it on the scalp. Leave it for around five minute and rinse it well with lukewarm or cold water.

Benefits of Hair Conditioners:

  • Hair conditioner adds luster to the hair and makes it beautiful, shiny, healthy and bouncy.
  • It aids to reduce the brittleness and keeps the hair strands healthy.
  • It boosts the strength, acts as a natural moisturizer, improves elasticity and prevents breakage of the hair.
  • It assists in removing the knots of the hair and makes it more manageable and by this means it makes combing the hair easy.
  • Conditioning the hair on a regular basis stops weathering of hair also known as split ends and prevents hair rupture by forming a protective layer over the hair strands.

Due to its numerous benefits, hair conditioners have grown to become a vital element of our daily hair care practices.
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