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Rusk W8less Hairspray 10 oz

Rusk W8less Hairspray 10 oz

Sale Price :$14.45

Are Salon Products Really Necessary?

Yes! Salon Products are certainly worth it especially when on sale!

Ever since people have been going to hair salons, stylists have been suggesting salon products that make a huge difference in the overall appearance of hair. Stylists have knowledge of specific salon products to protect your hair from heat damage and to promote shine. Are salon products really necessary? Is the benefit to your hair worth that extra cost?

Obviously there are plenty of store brands that will cleanse, condition, and help you style your hair. Many of these may seem much more budget friendly than the various salon products we carry. Keep in mind that many salon products are concentrated and require only a tiny amount of product to do the job. The cost difference is not very much when you take these facts into account. Some people may use bargain priced store brands which may seem to work well enough. But salon products work much better to keep hair healthy and shiny.

Many people try store brands in an effort to save money. At first they seem to work but over time you may notice hair losing that healthy shine. Some people have even noticed that once they started coloring their hair, the color washed out faster when they were using the store brands than it did when they used salon products. These days people are more open to trying new salon products and rarely stick within one particular brand for all of their hair care needs. The best way to find new products good for your hair is by trying them.

Often the multitudes of salon products available can be overwhelming and itís difficult to figure out where to start. Asking friends is one method of narrowing down choices but often their hair needs are different than yours and the products they use might not work for you. You can take your chances and simply choose one that falls into the category of products you need. The better option is to ask one of our stylists who can research various salon products for your hair type and see which ones to recommend. The best way to choose the best product for your hair is one of our stylists. Quite often we may even have samples of salon products and you will find yourself receiving several choices to try. Once you figure out which one works best on your hair you can purchase full size versions of your favorite.

Be caretful if you use salon products from one particular line. There is nothing wrong with mixing up products to find what works for you. Many of our customers have always been happy with the entire line of Biolage by Matrix. Over the years our customers have used many of their products depending on the styling needs of their hair at the time. Their color care line is great for maintaining the depth of your color longer and also keeping the shine. At times you need more moisture and may fall back on either their hydrating line or the tried and true deep conditioning balm.

Your salon products will need to be changed at times. For instance, when you style curly hair the deep moisturizers may became too heavy for everyday use. You may find yourself using salon products for curly hair to help instead. We recommend the Catwalk by Tigi line for curly locks and also used Redken Fresh Curls. Some customers may start coloring their hair more often and styling it straight which means you may need to change products. Good lines to recommend are KMS California Color Vitality, Biolage Color Care, and Redken Color Extend. We have also recommended adding in Argan Oil as a favorite salon product to use before styling.

Our answer to the question of whether or not salon products are really necessary is yes, they are really necessary for healthy hair. If you want your hair to look its healthy, shiny best then they most certainly are worth it.